jueves, 4 de enero de 2018


Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas. This day is celebrated in different ways in different countries around the world. The most important thing about Christmas is Christmas Eve and Santa Claus.

In Spain, Christmas is one of the most important and emotional days of the year. Because many families meet after several month and even years without seeing each other. Most families celebrate Christmas Eve with great meals, the most typical is turkey. Many families also decorate their houses with Christmas trees, lights throughout the house and the Bethlehem portal. Although not evening on this day is nice for some people it is sad for the loss of a family member.

Some Spanish childen receive the presents of Santa Claus the day after Christmas Eve. That night they cannot sleep because of the excitement of opening the presents. Today there are associations that collect presents for children who cannot afford them economically.

Finally, on Christmas Eve I am always my family in Almería. Each family brings a different meal although almost every year it is the same, it is delicious. That day we go to bed late and the next day we open the presents.

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