domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2015


I live in a town in the south of Spain. 50 years ago the town was very different.

It was much smaller and the sea came to Lobres. It only had houses, there weren't any buildings. Now there are some blocks of flats. There were very few shops. but now there enough for all town.

Transport is similar. There was a bus station and taxis, altrough there were very few, but now there are many. Before there were many cars, only the people with more money town.

Nobody in my family lived in the town 50 years ago. But I think that there wasn't much to do then. It would a cinema, an health centre, a café... It woud also a museum and a castle. The castle exist now.

In conclusion, life beforewas harder and poorer, but now it's all in need.





Alba: What shall we watch?
Shawn: Have a look through the DVDs.
Alba: Oh, you're got Twilight. That's a good film. I like Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner.
Shawn: Do you? I used to really like him, but I've gone off him a bit.
Alba: What about "Grito 3"?
Shawn: No, I watched it last month. How about "Everest"? Do you like Jason Clarke?
Alba: He's not bad, but I don't know Jason.
Shawn: He's an excellent actor.
Alba: Oh, this is good: "The Lovely Bones".
Shawn: That's my sister. I'm not very keen on drama.
Alba: Well, what shall we watch, then?
Shawn: There's a good flim on TV tonight: "Avatar".
Alba: AVATAR! That's oft-repeated.
Shawn: OK, let's watch Twilight, then.