miércoles, 24 de enero de 2018


These Christmas holidays have been short. Although I don't like Christmas, I have had a great time with my family and friends. My holidays started this ways...When they gave me the first quarter notes I went with my friends to Granada where we had a great time and it was fun.

The next day I went to Almería with my mother's family where I spent most of my Christmas holidays. On the 24th day we all melt the family there and each one prepares a meal, which was delicious. That night is very funny and cheerful. The next day we all meet my family to eat and we give each other present.

When I arrived in Salobreña a few days before New Year, I was ready for all that night. New Year's Day I was anxious for midnight to come out with my friends. That day I took the grapes with my family and it was very exiting. When midnight arrived, my friends and I went to "Hotel Salobreña" to spend the night there. It was an amazing night!!!

To end, I'll talk about the night of the Three Wise Men, although that night I don't like it, I had a great time with my friends. We went to see the cavalcate of the Three Wise Men in Salobreña and then we went to party.


The topic I'm going to write about is adoption. Every time this topic is more common and many people think about it. However, adoption has its advantages and disvantages. But before explaining them, it must say it is adoption to know more about this topic: it is the adoption of children by couples or one person, both as a woman and as a man.

On the one hand, the advantages of adoption are the happiness that families have when they do it. Adoption can solve many problems. Many families cannot have children because they are sterile or simply don't have enough money.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of adoption is that the woman cannot feel what it is like to have a baby in her belly and in childbirth. However I believe that some people who adopt aren't aware of the responsibility involved.

In my opinion, I think that adopting is a nice way to start a family but I prefer to have a baby before adopting, although I respect the families that do it.

lunes, 8 de enero de 2018


Nowadays, most people have their own mobile phone. For years the mobile phone wasn't an important device, but now many people cannot live without it. Especially young children are all day using it leaving aside their studies. Although this has its advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, the advantages of using a mobile phone is to be able to contact a family member or friend, regardless of where it is located. You can also search for any type of information at that moment.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of using the mobile phone is that it doesn't allow you to interact with your friends or family. There are also parents who teach or buy a mobile phone to their children when they are very small which prevents them from enjoying their friendships as they did before.

In my opinion, the device has many advantages but I would avoid the use of mobile phones for small children or when going out with friends. When you go out with your friends and you are more aware of the phone than of them and you pay more attention to your phone than to your friends.


Nowadays creating avatars for any social network is fashionable. These avatars can say a lot about ourselves.

The avatars are a graphic representation of a person for identification. They are usually photographs or artistic drawings. It is also commonly used for profiles in games, forums, messages, WhatAssp, Twitter ...

It depends on the way you create your own avatar you can show people your personality, your qualities, your physical appearance ... If the avatar has many more real features it will look like you.

Personally, I have created avatars for some game or social network. I think it's a quick and easy way to create. These avatars can resemble oneself with a lot of reality.

viernes, 5 de enero de 2018


A couch potato is a person who watches too much a TV. Nowadays, many people are couch potatoes because these peoples prefer staying at home watching a film or series. Currently, there is a service called Netflix, which provides people with film or series throught Internet.

I don't consider myself a couch potato because I cannot watch televison for long hours. I prefer going out with my friends or having a dinner with my family. However, if the day is cold and rainy, I want to stay at home watching a series.

People who are couch potato should stop watching it so much because in the future it can give many problems to health. These people can do sports and go out with their friends and have a social life. Watching television for so many hours is a waste of time.

In conclusion, I hope that these people change so that they have a good life and health. I also believe that this can be achieved with very little effort. You must only have willpower to do it.

The nound that comes from the adjetive "well" is wellness.