jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

The very first footballer from Motril to make his debut for the Spanish national team: CALLEJÓN

I think Callejón a very good football player. He was the first footballer playing for RM that is from Motril.

Callejón is tall, has got short brown hair and brown eyes. He is twenty-seven years old. He is 1.78 metres tall.
For me Callejón is handsome, sensitive, friendly and strong. Callejón is one best for me.
The position is midfielder and winger.
He has scored 8 goals for Naples so far this season.

Health: Ebola epidemic & Purple tomatoes‏

The Ebola is a virus. This illnes is very serious and affects living beings, both human beings and animals. It was identified in 1976 in ébola river (Republica Democrática del Congo).

Symtoms of Ebola:
-Articular and muscle pains.
-Sore throat.
-Diarrehea, vomit , stomachache.
-Red eyes.

PS4 or Xbox One? Or neither of them?

I think PS4 is better.


1) The PS4 is more powerful.
2) The PS4 is cheaper.

3) The PS4 has got the best exclusive studies.
4) The PS4 has higher resolution.
5) The PS4 is smaller and it doesn't get so high temperatures.
6) The PS4 has got more free online games.
7) The PS4 commands are.
8) The PS4 has App without subcription.
Any many more reasons.