viernes, 5 de enero de 2018


A couch potato is a person who watches too much a TV. Nowadays, many people are couch potatoes because these peoples prefer staying at home watching a film or series. Currently, there is a service called Netflix, which provides people with film or series throught Internet.

I don't consider myself a couch potato because I cannot watch televison for long hours. I prefer going out with my friends or having a dinner with my family. However, if the day is cold and rainy, I want to stay at home watching a series.

People who are couch potato should stop watching it so much because in the future it can give many problems to health. These people can do sports and go out with their friends and have a social life. Watching television for so many hours is a waste of time.

In conclusion, I hope that these people change so that they have a good life and health. I also believe that this can be achieved with very little effort. You must only have willpower to do it.

The nound that comes from the adjetive "well" is wellness.

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