domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2015


Alba: What shall we watch?
Shawn: Have a look through the DVDs.
Alba: Oh, you're got Twilight. That's a good film. I like Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner.
Shawn: Do you? I used to really like him, but I've gone off him a bit.
Alba: What about "Grito 3"?
Shawn: No, I watched it last month. How about "Everest"? Do you like Jason Clarke?
Alba: He's not bad, but I don't know Jason.
Shawn: He's an excellent actor.
Alba: Oh, this is good: "The Lovely Bones".
Shawn: That's my sister. I'm not very keen on drama.
Alba: Well, what shall we watch, then?
Shawn: There's a good flim on TV tonight: "Avatar".
Alba: AVATAR! That's oft-repeated.
Shawn: OK, let's watch Twilight, then.

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