sábado, 2 de diciembre de 2017


One of the most interesting places I have ever visited is a house in Alfbufeira, Portugal. When I was visting my grandmother in Lisboa, she said we could either visit Oporto or Albufeira. I'm so gland I chosse to go to Albufeira because it's incredible!

Alfubeira is a small but cozy town in the south of Portugal. It's also famous for it's huge, clear and fascinating beaches.

From the outside, the house looked great. There was a large glass front door. When we went inside the house was very spacious. However, outside the house it was very hot but when I went into the house I had the air conditioning and I felt great. The walls of the romms were pastel shades, which made you feel relaxed. All the rooms had windows, so they were very bright.

I liked the house because it was in a dream. Moreover, it was a house with many windows which you didn't have privacy. But being a small town there were very few people and that wasn't a big problem. One of the things that surprised me the most was it's garage for two cars. I'd also like to go there again with my friends because it would be a different top.

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