miércoles, 30 de agosto de 2017


This weekend I'm going to Zurgena with my friends to spend the town festivities. Although we are only going to be three days, I know they are going to increible. I'm very organized for what I have been planning this weekend fot two weeks because I want it to be unforgettable. I want everything I have planned to do even though my friends are crazy. This is my plan for my weekend:

My weekend starts at nine o'clock on Friday morning. That night my friends are sleeping in my house to go on time. At half past ten, we are already leaving Salobreña. About half past twelve we will arrive at the village, unpack our bags, rest and prepare to go to some bar. In the afternoon, we will stay home to rest and take a nap. At night, we will have dinner and we will manage to leave. This night Antonio Orozco is going to sing!!!

The next day I plan to stay home until the afternoon. There will be games in the square where we are meeting (I hope our team wins). When the games are over, we'll go home to get ready. My friends and I will go out for dinner because we have been invited by my friends there to a roasted potato. After lunch, we will leave for the party.

The last day I hope not to be very tired, although it will be impossible because we will have slept very little. On Sunday afternoon we will come back to Salobreña to rest a bit because in two days we will be going to a festival in Marbella.

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