miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015


Patricia's mum: 429 3274. Hello?
Alba: Oh!, hello. Can I speak to Patricia, please?
Patricia's mum: Yes. Who's calling?
Alba: Alba.
Patricia's mum: Just a moment, please.
Alba: OK.
Patricia: Hi, Alba. How are you?
Alba: Fine. What are you doing now?
Patricia: I'm playing computer games. Why?
Alba: I'm whatching a film on TV at Jacob's house. Would you like to come?
Patricia: Mmm..What flim is it?
Alba: The film is "Regresión".
Patricia: OH! YES. Is Mª José going too?
Alba: Yes, of course.
Patricia: What time are you going?
Alba: At about half past eight. I'll call for you on the way, if you like.
Patricia: OK, thanks. :)

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