domingo, 26 de abril de 2015


1. You shouldn't eat chewing gum in class.
2. You must raise your hand before you speak.
3. You must respect the word shift.
4. You mustn't fight or insult your classmates.
5. You must arrive on time class.
6. You shouldn't forget the material.
7. You should work in silence.
8. You must take care of the material.
9. You must listen to the teacher when he/she speaks.
10. You have to throw food in the floor.
11.You mustn't paint the tables.
12. You mustn't have a mobile in class.
13. You must switch the mobile off and putit in the bag.
14. You shouldn't scream in the hallways.
15. You mustn't say insults.
16. You mustn't mess up the class.
17. You should attend your class.
18. You must respect the theacher.
19. You must respect the rules of the high school.

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